Safety Culture Program

It’s all about establishing a “Safety Culture”. In order for you to develop a Safety Culture in your organization, you must apply certain elements. Safety United has put these elements into a program with ongoing services. Safety United is not interested in a one-time training session or consultation just to meet an immediate need. We want an ongoing relationship with your company in order to achieve results. Below, see the services we offer in our Safety Culture Program.

On Site Training

Safety United has been a reliable training source for over 28 years..

Learning Management System

We recognize that it is not always feasible to conduct on site training..

Safety Meetings

We understand the importance of having everyone on the same page in order..

Off Site Communication

Safety United consultants are available to answer questions or concerns..


Safety United will continue to work behind the scenes to support your..

Safety United App/Self Audits

Every participant in our Safety Culture program will have the option..


In order to assure that good safety practices are continually being applied..


Safety United will act as a Safety Ombudsman for your employees through..

Mitigation / Representation

If your company receives an inspection by a regulatory agency resulting..

Who We Are


Safety United is not just a training or consulting firm, WE ARE YOUR SAFETY DEPARTMENT. Our safety services have benefited thousands of employees and hundreds of employers saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars through a proactive approach..

How can we help you?

Develop a Safety Culture in your organization